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Scribe 9/29

September 29, 2006 **Go SENIORS!**

Homework is:
Go over pages 18-20 and then read Books 1-5 Beowulf (we read up to book 3 in class
Paganism v. Christianity
Good v. Evil
Grendel’s Origin
Attack on Hrothgar
Beowulf v. Oedipus
Epic Hero
Work on Independent Study

College Scholarships

Epic Notes: (Who doesn’t love notes)
Epic poem:
A long narrative poem that relates the great deeds of a larger than life hero who embodies
the values of a particular society. (Quest story on a large scale.)
Most epics include elements of myth, folklore, legend, and history.
Their tone is serious and their language grand.
Set in many locations: real or imaginary across a wide area.
Supernatural events
Must address universal concerns such as: good v. evil, life v. death, sin v. redemption

Epic hero:
Undertake quests to achieve something of tremendous value to themselves or their society.
Superior physical strength
Supremely ethical
During his quest, he must defeat monsters that embody dark, destructive powers.
At the end of the quest, he is glorified by the people he saved.
Important person of historical or legendary character, high social standing
Pitted against overwhelming odds- must be strong and courageous
Values reflect society’s values.

Epic patterns:
The council of the gods: the plan of events.
The appearance of the goddess.
Captivity in the arms of a woman
The messenger of the gods tells the hero to complete his destiny.
The hero visits a series of fabulous locations which present temptations which obscure his sense of destiny or revelations which clarify it.
That narrator gives a history of times past.
A major character makes a descent into hell.
The providence of the plot manifested most directly in a vision of the future.
The group celebrates the death of a hero with grand ceremonial funeral and games.
The hero fights a great battle in three parts or movements: the critical battle which the hero must win to fulfill his destiny.
The cause of the battle
The second movement of the battle sees the enemy apparently ahead.
The third movement sees the entrance of the hero with his full powers and his defeat of the enemy here in a personal duel.
The hero is reunited with his beloved or his family and in doing so brings history to a peaceful resolution.

Anglo-Saxon Background Notes

English have created a political system over the years “by and for the people.” “Emphasis on personal rights and freedoms”

Great Briton has been invaded by:
Angles and Saxons

Animism: belief that natural phenomena or inanimate objects possess spirits.
Spirits must be constantly satisfied.
Druids: intermediaries between spirits/gods and people
King Arthur-Celtic Warrior legend
Mists of Avalon vs. Gwenyvere’s religion (Christianity)
Feature women legends
Morgan Le Fey

· Stayed for more than 400 years
· Brought armies and organization to Britain to prevent further invasion
o roads, villas, public baths
o defensive walls
· Change of religion to Christianity- unified because of European missionaries
· Without Roman control, just a country of separate clans. No central government.

Anglo-Saxon "Sweep Ashore":
· Angles- Saxons- Germany
· Jutes- Denmark
· Language of the Anglo-Saxons became the language of the country Engla-land (England)
· Celtics fought Anglo-Saxons from overtaking land (Arthur)
· Country divided into separate principalities- each with own king (Macbeth)
· Danes invaded:
o Plundered and destroyed everything
o Fierce Viking people
o King Alfred led group against them- helped make England a more unified nation.
· King Alfred’s success allowed for Christianity to reemerge.
o This also helped to create a unified nation: common faith and morality, right conduct.
· Battle between Danes and Alfred continued until 1066. William Duke of Normandy, France took over.
· Women inherited and held property until Norman Conquest. Also, they were significant contributors towards learning and religion.

Key Points:
Kinship groups were lead by chiefs
Farming, local governments, fine crafts (metal works)
Christianity became dominant religion- linked England to Continental Europe
Monasteries brought learning and literacy-preserved works from older oral tradition.
English gained respect as a written language- Latin still used in churches.

Anglo-Saxon Life: the Warm Hall, the Cold World:
Two class society:
Earls: (Warriors)
Ruler and related to the founder of the tribe
Consulted witan or Witenagemot(wise men) group of respected earls
Responsible for law and order
Churls: (Freemen)
Warriors, laborers for the earl
Thralls: slaves
Women: received power as queen, wife of earl or church woman
Fame and success were gained only through loyalty to the king (King Arthur and his knights)
Loyalty grew out of need to protect the group from the wilderness. Most groups lived together with animals in homes surrounded by a wall or fence. This created a sense of community discussion. Rule was by consensus. (What does this mean?)

Anglo-Saxon Religion: Gods for Warriors:
Despite Christianity Anglo-Saxon gods remained (Norse mythology)
Oden: god of death, poetry, magic
Thumor: god of thunder and lightning
Dragon: guardian of treasure and of death (ashes of old warriors)
Concerned more with ethics than with mysticism especially with the early virtues of bravery, loyalty, generosity and friendship.

The Bards: Singing of Gods and Heroes:
Communal Hall: place for shelter, meetings, storytelling
Scops (bards):
On same level as warriors
As important as fighting, hunting, farming or loving.
Sang with a harp
Told heroic tales that spoke of war, disease, and old age.
“For non –Chiristian Anglo-Saxons, whose religion offered them no hope of an afterlife, only fame and its reverberation in poetry could provide a defense against death.”
*Desire to be remembered for years*

The Christian Monasteries: The Ink Froze:
“In the death shadowed world of the Anglo-Saxons, the poets or bards provided the one element of hope: the possibility that heroic deeds might be enshrined in the society’s memory.”
§ Monasteries were the centers of learning, strongholds of Christianity.
o Monks preserved some of the old literature wrote in either Old English or Latin which remained the main language of study until King Alfred. Manuscripts were copied by hand.
§ King Alfred instituted a running history of England called the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

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Scribe 9/27

Today in class we worked in our independent study groups to discuss the first third of our novels. We answered week one questions on the wiki.

The wiki is to help us keep track of discussions and is for our use throughout the independent study project. The address for it is . When you get to the site you have to enter a password. If you were not in class ask Smith what the password is. Use your blogger name and email address in the spaces provided, this way updates that your group makes are emailed to you.

Katie and Ashley also brought donuts. They were delicious by the way.

Homework and stuff to remember:
- Have two thirds of your novel read by next Wednesday
- Make a copy of the Beowulf text if you want to
- Read hero and power of myth packets; we will discuss on Friday
- Read pages 2-19, 47 for quiz on Friday (Beowulf background)
- Conference with Smith over college essay grade if you have not done it
- Work on college scholarship applications
- Go to the bonfire, football game, parade, dance, and any other school events

Monday, September 25, 2006

Scribe 9 25


*Shortened class period because of royalty assembly*

-Read Beowulf pgs 2-19, 47
-Be prepared for quiz on Friday over background info in the reading
-Make copy of Beowulf from purple book (optional)
-Independent study (first 1/3 finished by next Wednesday)
-Continue scholarship search

-Finished last two Oedipus presentations
-Signed out and turned in Oedipus books
-Received and checked in Elements of Literature books (purple)
-Received packet- The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell
-Handed back Oedipus modernization presentation grades
-Circled up and read Anglo-Saxon history

-Great Britain has been invaded by the Iberians, the Celts, the Romans, the Anglos and Saxons, the Vikings, and the Normans
-King Alfred of Wessex
-“What does ‘Anglo-Saxon England’ mean?” box in top right corner on pg. 9
-Other notes taken outside of class period


Scribe 9-20

Scribe 9/20

Donut Day!!!
-Lamar Donuts provided by Chris and Jeff

We started out by talking about our upcoming homework which included:

-independent study-first 1/3 of book due by next Wednesday
-college scholarships due October 23rd
-Read “How To Be Great” Anglo-Saxon handout

Also, we will be starting Beowulf next week. Ms. Smith suggested that we copy pages from the book so that we can directly annotate. Think about it. It is totally up to you!!!

After going over our upcoming schedule, we kind of went off on a tangent and talked about the changes we have during Homecoming Week. Ms. Smith encouraged us to be mature about the changes and show the rest of the school that we are accepting and excited for the new schedule. Also, she warned us about making stupid decisions on Homecoming Day and then having to deal with her wrath. (P.S.-That is not a good thing!!!) She simply suggested that we make the right decisions and have fun with our friends since this will be our last Homecoming. We were told that it is our job to promote this Homecoming, and not degrade it. Make the right decisions guys. It isn’t worth it to mess up!

Also, we will be having a quiz on Homecoming pep assembly day, so don’t expect a wasted class.

After we went off on this discussion, we began our fishbowl, with a few unexpected changes. Thanks to Matt Weber, we were given the opportunity to participate in “live blogging” during the fishbowl, aquarium, discussion. We were told that we could blog during the fishbowl instead of solely relying on a grade for speaking. This allows everyone to participate without having to vocalize.

Then the test began. It became very intense as everyone was trying to earn their grade. It was successful, especially when you consider that everyone had the opportunity to live blog during the discussion. Great idea Matt Weber!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Confidence in conferencing

Reflect on the college essay conferences. How did it go? What was the purpose behind it? (just less grading for me?) what did you get out of it? How will you apply your experience of deciding your grade to the remainder of your senior year?

Here little fishy...

Reflect back on the aquarium process today. How did it go? Did it meet your expectations? What are your frustrations and what suggestions do you have to deal with those? Be reflective and be constructive.

Live blogging

SO... what did you think of the live blogging in our aquarium? Be reflective of the process and recall what would have happened had you not been granted this opportunity.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Remember ladies and gents that Friday there is no school!
In class we discussed conferences for our college essays.
1) We as students have to decide upon our grade
2) It is difficult to do this so we need to review the essay ahead of time and have reasons to support our grade choice
3) If you cannot access your essay out of the dropbox, see Smith

4) If you have not signed up for a conference, DO!

During class we presented our modernization of our scenes. Two groups did not go. Since we have the test on Wednesday, they will present on Monday.

*The first group was Jeff, Kyle and Zach. The theme for their modernization was based on Burger King. Jeff pushed around a baby stroller. Zach and Kyle did good jobs on being the comic relief. The scene was the part when King Laius and JoJo find out their baby is going to kill him and marry her, and how they get rid of Pus.

*Stephanie, Richard, Emily and Andy were the next group to go. Smith decided after watching their video that in projects to come our parents have to make guest appearances (in their video someone's dad came out of the bathroom unaware of the filming). Their scene was the same as the one before in means of what they portrayed.

*Katie, Ashley, Marina and Amy were next. Their video was a based on high school jocks and included a SWEET dance off by Ashley and Marina. The film also included Amy sitting in a tree and Katie as the lacrosse coach.

*Amy King, Leanne, Sonny, Melissa, and Claire did a Jerry Springer based scene. Claire was super funny with her ghetto lingo, bathrobe, and hair curlers. Their scene was the one where Pus realized that he might be JoJo's son.

*Matt, Mark, Chris, Scott, and Kurt also did a video. Their video included the hanging of JoJo, Pus stabbing out his eyes, and a brief intermission.

As for HomeFUN:
*We all need to bring 3 TYPED questions for the aquarium test on Wednesday.
*Everyone should also be working on their independent study and college scholarships

Oedipus Final Blogging...

While not participating in the fishbowl/aquarium, blog your reactions to the discussion. This will be like a live recording of the discussion. Ask questions, record reactions, as well as important arguments. Make sure if you refer to people in the discussion, refer only by first name. Have fun and show them what you know...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Scribe 9-15

-We began the class talking about the test over Oedipus next Wednesday. We, as a class decided that it would be a fishbowl, where we sit in a circle and thoroughly discuss the play. Marie dubbed it an "aquarium" because it was one big circle, rather than a small circle in a big circle. We also, as a class, decided that we would each bring 3 well thought out questions to help the discussion along. It is quality people, quality, that counts, not quantity. The questions will be turned in for points.
-After this we worked with our groups to modernize a scene from Oedipus. If you were not there, contact your group and work with them to figure out what to do with your scene.


-Find and apply to 5 college scholarships by October 25, it would be good if at least 3 of them involved writing an essay.
-Read your independent study book over the weekend, remember, the first third needs to be done by September 27.
-Work on your modernized scene with your group.
-Prepare for test on Wednesday, bring 3 deeply thought out questions to class for the test, they will be turned in for points. Also, prepare for thorough discussions, again quality is what counts.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scribe: 9-13

- If you were not there you missed out on donut wednesday.
- Next Smith talked about the blog that was homework.
- Mrs. Ackerman sent her this info., she thought it was very interesting, and wanted to know what we thought about it. Blog about if you think you are prepared for the reading level of college.
- The other homework was to start studying for our test next Wednesday, Independent Study, Modernization of Scene, and College Scholarships.
- The homework for the scholarships was to turn in your confirmation of all 5 by Oct. 23.
- The major part about the class today was Mrs. Lewallen from the Post Grad. Center talking about the resources from Arapahoe regarding college scholarships.
- Arapahoe has a web page
- Every person has a 6 digit password and when you go on to the website you will have to set up an account.
- This web page has very differed resources from college searches to your preferences.
- Also this page has links to other scholarship and aid websites.
- Mrs. Lewallen also talked about a website that was not on there to see where we can receive in-state tuition.
- To recieve the password and more information go to the Post Grad. Center

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Have you been taught the skills necessary to succeed?

The No. 1 Skill Teens Need for College
When it comes to academic collegiate success there is one skill more than any other that separates the A students from the C students: the ability to handle complex reading.
And they can't wait until they are college freshmen to learn how to do this.
The time to learn it is in high school, and alarmingly, most states do not require complex reading comprehension instruction at the high school level nor do they have any standards for high school reading achievement, The Associated Press reports of a new study from ACT, the nonprofit company that publishes one of the two tests required for college entrance. Instead, reading is considered a subject for elementary school and is rarely taught in later grades.
What makes an article or book complex to read? Complex reading is characterized by an elaborate organization where the messages are often implicit rather than overt. The interaction between ideas or characters may be subtle instead of obvious. Most of all, the vocabulary is demanding and intricate, notes AP.
How many college-bound high school students can read complex works? Of the
1.2 million high school seniors who took the ACT in 2005, only 51 percent scored high enough to show they were ready to handle first year college-level reading requirements. And this a concern not only to colleges, but also to employers.
What can be done? These aren't easy solutions, but the ACT insists that high school reading standards must be revised in core subjects, and struggling readers need to get help earlier in their education. Also, more teachers need to be trained in how to teach reading within their subject matter. That is, a chemistry teacher must also learn to teach reading as it relates to science

Monday, September 11, 2006

Scribe 9-11

Today in Class:
-Smith checked our independent study books.
-We got a review sheet for Oedipus, and we got our modernization of Oedipus
group projects.
-We talked about college scholarship day (WED).
-Finished Oedipus.
-When Smith is finished reading your final edit of your college essay, set up a conference with her to discuss it and help set a grade for it.

Important Dates:
-September 18th, our Modernization of Oedipus is due.
-September 20th, Oedipus Test.
-September 27th, first part of independent study done.
-October 4th, second third of independent study done.
-October 11th, last third of independent study done.
-October 23rd, actual project done.

Oedipus Notes:
-Oedipus keeps asking questions because he is trying to find an explanation about everything.
-Oedipus first thinks Jocasta is upset because she married someone that was not of noble status.
-Oedipus started putting everything together, and started realizing that he is the one that killed Lauis.
-Jocasta didn't say anything because she is realizing that Oedipus is her son, the killer of her husband, her new husband, and the father of her children.
-Oedipus blinded himself for all the wrongs she had done.
-Jocasta killed herself.
-Creon showed much mercy toward Oedipus.
-Before his girls come in Oedipus wants to be banished as soon as he can. But as soon as his daughters come in he doesn't want to leave them.
-He told both his daughters that they would have horrible lives.

A couple questions to think about:
Is there times in your life that when something happens you can't see it happening right in front of you?
What is a Hero? Why is Oedipus considered a tragic hero?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Scribe 9-8

For class today:
~All papers should have been dropped in Smith's drop box
-We had a short blog and drop box tutorial
~Blog MORE! We have four blogs for this weekend..
-Crosby's freshman blog: They are talking about heroes which is what we are
focusing on this semester, so go look at what the freshman are saying and leave
an good comment.
-Alabama Blog: We discussed that in order for this to work we need to actually blog
on the page. So comment on their blog, our class needs to interact more...
-Blog on OUR Blog about the X Country: Comment on this blog about what you
would like to gain from this experience or anything else. A few of the students from
alambama have commented on this page so you can comment on those.
-Fate vs. Free Will: This blog ispired by Oedipus trying to control fate and destiny.
Independent Study:
~Go to the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch to purchase your independent study book!
The Muse needs it!
~We chose what books we would like to do an independent study on.
-Smith ran through the list of books and we chose our number 1, some people had to
change to one of their other choices from lack of people.
~We will meet with these independent study groups for 4 class periods, so you might want
to decide how you want to break up the number of pages in your book.
~The independent study will be due around October 11th ish?
~We left off on page 47, where Oedipus and Jocasta are talking about the possibility that
Oedipus killed King Lauis.
~The chorus had an important speech on page 48 with 4 sections, and each section
represented a different idea...
-Section 1: The gods' laws are divine and above all other laws.
-Section 2: Man's dependency on the gods.
-Section 3: Showing that Oedipus put himself before the gods, and that was wrong.
-Section 4: It seems that the chorus is questioning whether the gods know what their
fate is, although we all know that Socrates makes it apparent through out the book that
we cannot control our fates and that the gods deserve trust.
*All of this made me think could the city of Thebes ever trust Oedipus again as a leader?
Could he even be a leader mentally anymore?
~In the next scene Jocasta comes in with an olive branch for the gods, and this is a little
bit weird considering that she didn't believe in the gods and fate before.
~Page 50: We meet the Corinthian Messenger who later tells Oedipus that Polybus was
not his real father and he was the one that found Oedipus and delivered him to Polybus.
He also informs us that Polybus is dead and that Oedipus will be crowned in Corinth.
He's not exactly the bearer of great news.
-Since Polybus has died of natural causes they kind of cast aside the fact that Lauis
was his real father... He doesn't want to return to Corinth because he knows that
he will have to marry his mother... THESE PEOPLE CAN'T PUT THINGS TOGETHER!
~Page 54: Oedpius tells of his prophecy and Jocasta remains quiet until about page 60,
finally someone has put something together.
~We figure that Oedipus asks so many questions to the messenger and to everyone
because he wants to find a way for this prophecy not to be true and wants to find a way
out of it.
~At the end of what we have read Jocasta begs Oedipus not to seek out the servent who
knows the truth because she knows what happened and doesn't know how he will handle
the news.
Homework: DO YOUR BLOGS!! ALL 4! Go to the Tattered Cover to get your book and plan how you will section it.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Fate v Freewill

As you look back on your life think of this...has your path been chosen for you or do you think you have the freewill to decide? Who is in control of you? Can you make any connections to Oedipus and his journey?

Cross Country Blogging

We need to get some ideas out there people on what you want to do with our friends in Alabama. Go check out there blog and add some ideas to Mrs. C's post or to our class.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Scribe 9-6

Today in Class:
-Received papers on our independent study project
- Each of us got a packet of books to choose from, we have until friday to choose which book
want to read, and then we will annotating and reading them in small groups (of whoever
else is reading your book)
-We also got the rubric on how our final college essay would be graded
-ate donuts
-Got into our circle and read Oedipus for the rest of class

-Set up a conference time with Mrs. Smith, the final college essay is due Friday
-Choose your top three independent study books

Oedipus Notes:
Today we read pages 35-46

-Oedipus is essentially freaking out at the beginning of the reading because all the accusations he's gotten about him being the murderer; He is threatening to either banish or kill Creon because he believes Creon has plotted Oedipus' downfall and is a traitor to Thebes.
-The Chorus (who, as we know represents Thebes) is finally showing some resistance to Oedipus' decisions; They are not backing Oedipus up on his feelings towards Creon, they think he is being way to rash and hasty and should put more trust in Creon:
-"Think over your decision, take her advice, I beg you...Creon was no fool before and now
his oath increases his stature. Respect him" (pg. 37)
--could be foreshadowing of Oedipus' downfall, he is beginning to feel rejected
from the community, the city of Thebes is no longer on his side.
-When Oedipus clues Jocasta in on everything that's going on, she reveals her feelings about the gods and about prophets; They are negative feelings, she tells Oedipus that she doesn't believe anyone who believes the gods speak through him. She says that she stopped believing the prophecies years ago when a certain prophet told her about the curse of Laius, and about her son marrying his mother and killing his father- not realizing that prophecy actually did come true.
-"There is no human being born that is endowed with prophetic power...Don't pay any
attention to prophecies. If God seeks or needs anything, he will easily make it clear to
us himself"(pg. 41).
--Calling prophets and gods bogus could lead to bad karma in Jocasta's future;
We see again her placing herself and her family above the gods, believing they
are more important
-Jocasta tells the story of where Laius died and how he was killed and Oedipus FINALLY realizes that he might actually be the one who killed Laius without knowing it. Jocasta tells him that Laius along with a band of servants and bodyguards were killed, and only one survived. The survivor is now a shepherd in a different village- he retreated Thebes after witnessing the murder and then seeing Oedipus, the murderer come to power. Oedipus orders that the Shepherd be found and brought to the palace, that way the really story can be confirmed and Oedipus will know if Creon and Tiresius were telling the truth.
-At the end of the reading, we noticed that Oedipus suddenly humbles himself once he realizes he may not be so high and mighty afterall; after all his talk about being better than the gods, as soon as he realizes that he is in big trouble, he calls on the gods for help
-"I beg you, holy majesty of God!"(pg. 46).

**Tragic Hero Qualities**
- Oedipus realizes his flaws and mistakes he has made that could now lead to his downfall (realizes that he might be the murderer)
-"And the man who called down these curses on me was myself, no one else" (pg. 46).
-Oedipus is isolated from the community, the chorus is starting to side with Creon rather than their King; Oedipus feels alone and rejected
-Oedipus feels a strong sense of commitment to fix the mess, even though he may have been the one who created it. He wants to solve the mystery as soon as possible; he feels obligated to do so as the King

Cross Country Blogging...

As you all know, we are being watched by quite a few people not only in the U.S., but in the world. Thankfully, we have been given the opportunity to communicate and learn from these people. Now all we have to do is figure out how to communitcate with these folks. Check out this blog from a school in Alabama:
How do you think that we should talk with them? What do you want this to look like? And extra ideas?

August 28th Scribe

August 28,2006
Mrs. Smith collected our papers, and we read through page 27.
We took notes on dramatic irony, the tragic hero, what makes Oedipus a hero, the motifs, and the themes.
We did a popcorn exercise to refresh our brains about what we read last week.
-Tiresias keeps saying personal things about Oedipus to try to get him to realize that he is the murderer, sort of verballyhinting him.
-Tiresias wants Oedipus to find out for himself, he wants him to search for his identity, a sort of self discovery thing.
-Finally after a long verbal fight, Tiresias just tells Oedipus that the murder is his fault, that he is the killer he is looking for.
-Oedipus doesn't believe him, and then brings Creon into the picture to try and blame him.
-sickness doesn't stop, it only permiates -the concept of blindness
-on pg.25, Tiresias is telling Oedipus that even though he does not have eyes,he can still see what is clearly in front of him, and that Oedipus who has eyes to see, is blind, for not realizing what is clearly in front of him.
Anne Smith

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Crosby Connection

Crosby's freshmen are talking about heroes and I thought her questions about heroes is a good one for us to explore as well. Take a look and feel free to comment appropriately...

Look at us, we're building bridges here between the freshmen and seniors.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Scribe 9-1

Today in Class:

-We split into groups of four and handed out laptops for the first time today!

-We went over how to handle the computers, we were assigned laptop numbers, and we went over the Laptop Computer Policy

-We edited one another’s papers using Microsoft Word’s abilities of adding comments and highlighting


-Must have a conference with Smith regarding your final essay => DUE FRI (before class)

-Final College Essay => DUE FRI

If you missed class, you should:

-Set an appointment up with Smith for sometime next week

-Talk to Smith about editing

-Ask Smith about the Laptop Computer Policy and how to get assigned a laptop


>Make sure your essay has the following:

-It is you (reveals who you are, your word choice, voice, etc.)

-No contractions

-Watch out for overused “like” and “that”

-1/3 Story; 2/3 Explanation/Feelings

-Work on making your essay flow by changing sentence structures

-Take out run-on sentences

-Make your essay simple, yet profound

-Grammar (as always…)