Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wednesday 4/25

The fortunate few students who arrived early to class were able to enjoy homemade cupcakes from Smith.

There were shortened classes due to ACT testing.
Group 8 (15-16) presented with a power point
  • The group started with a few slides with facts and questions.
  • What would you give up for a piece of gum?

Scott said that he would take a flick in the ear for a piece of gum.

  • For a bag of fruit snacks?

Katie was kicked in the shins for this bag of fruit snacks.

  • Candy Bar?

Andy got up in front of the class and acted like Chewbaca for the candy bar.

Did You Know?

  • There are 14 different species of parasites that live on your pillow.
  • Every year you swallow 7 spiders in your sleep.
  • Some hot dogs are made of mechanically separated chicken flesh!

Discussion Questions for Sacrifice activity

  • Were the sacrifices worth it?

Yes, also in the BNW the people in the society seem to have sacrificed a lot, whether they know it or not.

  • In the BNW society they gave up science, religion, art and truth. What have we done in our society that is like this?

We have given up a lot. Like BNW we have somewhat become dependant on technology. Someone said that we have no work ethic, are spoon-fed everything and are very rebellous.

  • What has the BNW society gained besides happiness?

They have gained order. They are also a lot less likely to rebel.

Discussion Questions for the Did You Know activity

  • Did those facts scare you?

A little, most of the class was just grossed out.

  • Did or would you feel more comfortable NOT knowing these facts?

Andy related it to the movie "Super Size Me," and how after people saw that movie they ate the same way they did before.

  • Is John unhappy because he is not ignorant?

Yes, when he first came to BNW he did not like the society. He knows what else is out there and he knows that there are much better things.

  • Is ignorance bliss?

Not really, you are happier before you find things out that put a bummer on your day or ruin your outlook on something.

HW: READ, finish the book, semester project, QUIZ on FRI 9-18.


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