Sunday, September 10, 2006

Scribe 9-8

For class today:
~All papers should have been dropped in Smith's drop box
-We had a short blog and drop box tutorial
~Blog MORE! We have four blogs for this weekend..
-Crosby's freshman blog: They are talking about heroes which is what we are
focusing on this semester, so go look at what the freshman are saying and leave
an good comment.
-Alabama Blog: We discussed that in order for this to work we need to actually blog
on the page. So comment on their blog, our class needs to interact more...
-Blog on OUR Blog about the X Country: Comment on this blog about what you
would like to gain from this experience or anything else. A few of the students from
alambama have commented on this page so you can comment on those.
-Fate vs. Free Will: This blog ispired by Oedipus trying to control fate and destiny.
Independent Study:
~Go to the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch to purchase your independent study book!
The Muse needs it!
~We chose what books we would like to do an independent study on.
-Smith ran through the list of books and we chose our number 1, some people had to
change to one of their other choices from lack of people.
~We will meet with these independent study groups for 4 class periods, so you might want
to decide how you want to break up the number of pages in your book.
~The independent study will be due around October 11th ish?
~We left off on page 47, where Oedipus and Jocasta are talking about the possibility that
Oedipus killed King Lauis.
~The chorus had an important speech on page 48 with 4 sections, and each section
represented a different idea...
-Section 1: The gods' laws are divine and above all other laws.
-Section 2: Man's dependency on the gods.
-Section 3: Showing that Oedipus put himself before the gods, and that was wrong.
-Section 4: It seems that the chorus is questioning whether the gods know what their
fate is, although we all know that Socrates makes it apparent through out the book that
we cannot control our fates and that the gods deserve trust.
*All of this made me think could the city of Thebes ever trust Oedipus again as a leader?
Could he even be a leader mentally anymore?
~In the next scene Jocasta comes in with an olive branch for the gods, and this is a little
bit weird considering that she didn't believe in the gods and fate before.
~Page 50: We meet the Corinthian Messenger who later tells Oedipus that Polybus was
not his real father and he was the one that found Oedipus and delivered him to Polybus.
He also informs us that Polybus is dead and that Oedipus will be crowned in Corinth.
He's not exactly the bearer of great news.
-Since Polybus has died of natural causes they kind of cast aside the fact that Lauis
was his real father... He doesn't want to return to Corinth because he knows that
he will have to marry his mother... THESE PEOPLE CAN'T PUT THINGS TOGETHER!
~Page 54: Oedpius tells of his prophecy and Jocasta remains quiet until about page 60,
finally someone has put something together.
~We figure that Oedipus asks so many questions to the messenger and to everyone
because he wants to find a way for this prophecy not to be true and wants to find a way
out of it.
~At the end of what we have read Jocasta begs Oedipus not to seek out the servent who
knows the truth because she knows what happened and doesn't know how he will handle
the news.
Homework: DO YOUR BLOGS!! ALL 4! Go to the Tattered Cover to get your book and plan how you will section it.

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