Monday, September 25, 2006

Scribe 9-20

Scribe 9/20

Donut Day!!!
-Lamar Donuts provided by Chris and Jeff

We started out by talking about our upcoming homework which included:

-independent study-first 1/3 of book due by next Wednesday
-college scholarships due October 23rd
-Read “How To Be Great” Anglo-Saxon handout

Also, we will be starting Beowulf next week. Ms. Smith suggested that we copy pages from the book so that we can directly annotate. Think about it. It is totally up to you!!!

After going over our upcoming schedule, we kind of went off on a tangent and talked about the changes we have during Homecoming Week. Ms. Smith encouraged us to be mature about the changes and show the rest of the school that we are accepting and excited for the new schedule. Also, she warned us about making stupid decisions on Homecoming Day and then having to deal with her wrath. (P.S.-That is not a good thing!!!) She simply suggested that we make the right decisions and have fun with our friends since this will be our last Homecoming. We were told that it is our job to promote this Homecoming, and not degrade it. Make the right decisions guys. It isn’t worth it to mess up!

Also, we will be having a quiz on Homecoming pep assembly day, so don’t expect a wasted class.

After we went off on this discussion, we began our fishbowl, with a few unexpected changes. Thanks to Matt Weber, we were given the opportunity to participate in “live blogging” during the fishbowl, aquarium, discussion. We were told that we could blog during the fishbowl instead of solely relying on a grade for speaking. This allows everyone to participate without having to vocalize.

Then the test began. It became very intense as everyone was trying to earn their grade. It was successful, especially when you consider that everyone had the opportunity to live blog during the discussion. Great idea Matt Weber!


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