Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Scribe 4/16

Today, we:
-Took a quiz for chapters 1-9 (Talk to Smith for make-up)
-Group 5 (ch. 9-10) presented

-Read 11-12

Wednesday's schedule:
-Song activity

Important Upcoming dates Smith gave us:
5/2: Essay Final (on BNW)
5/4: Multiple Choice Final (on BNW)
5/7-5/9: Work days for semester project
5/11-5/14: Semester Project Presentations
5/16: FINAL Essay

Group 5 (9-10)
-For each caste (including savages), 2 people in the class were selected to represent the caste
-Legends of the Hidden Temple Style (Answer question correctley and step forward)
-Betas think the game was rigged
-Alphas and Savages tied in the end
-Alphas correctly answered factual questions; Savages got the personal questions right
-The activity portrayed that savages have emotion, Alphs have knowledge, and you must have both to survive


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