Sunday, April 15, 2007

Scribe 4/13

Smith was gone today :( so we had Mrs. Ritzdorf.

We have a Quiz on Monday on chapters 1-9, we weren' sure if it was supposed to be 5-9. Group 5 is also supposed to lead warm-ups on Monday.
A preview for next week:
Wed-Song Activity
Fri-Discuss 7-12

Group 4's Warm up:
A "pop quiz" (Very clever kids, by the way... Way to freak everyone out.)
All of even numbers were easy questions, or questions that pertained specifically to you.
All of the odd questions were hard and pertained to things based on society.
These were all connected to the fact of how in the Society of Brave New World, the difficulty of the question would be switched. They would be able to regurgatate factualy information but not information based on
their own lives.
Questions that were asked were, "Why did the civilized world allow the
savages to continue their traditions of society?" and "What is the significance
of Huxley quoting Shakespeare's works Hamlet and The Tempest?" You can
find Hamlet quotes on page 131 and 133.
The Tempest is a play about a daughter and father who arrive on an
island and civilize it.
Shakespeare is supposed to represent the lack of middle ground,
he is a passionate well-known writer. He also represents the
lack of passion and emotion of this society.
Another questions was, "How will John react to the 'other place'?"
Possibly like Bernard? Reject the culture and kind of like a
circus freak? Or he could possibly enjoy it; living wild and be
intrigued by it?
For the rest of the period we workd on our semester projects with our groups and we had to turn in a "Project Time Line" and a brief summary of our accomplishments in that time to Mrs. Ritzdorf.

That was it!


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