Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scribe: 9-13

- If you were not there you missed out on donut wednesday.
- Next Smith talked about the blog that was homework.
- Mrs. Ackerman sent her this info., she thought it was very interesting, and wanted to know what we thought about it. Blog about if you think you are prepared for the reading level of college.
- The other homework was to start studying for our test next Wednesday, Independent Study, Modernization of Scene, and College Scholarships.
- The homework for the scholarships was to turn in your confirmation of all 5 by Oct. 23.
- The major part about the class today was Mrs. Lewallen from the Post Grad. Center talking about the resources from Arapahoe regarding college scholarships.
- Arapahoe has a web page
- Every person has a 6 digit password and when you go on to the website you will have to set up an account.
- This web page has very differed resources from college searches to your preferences.
- Also this page has links to other scholarship and aid websites.
- Mrs. Lewallen also talked about a website that was not on there to see where we can receive in-state tuition.
- To recieve the password and more information go to the Post Grad. Center


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