Friday, September 01, 2006

Scribe 9-1

Today in Class:

-We split into groups of four and handed out laptops for the first time today!

-We went over how to handle the computers, we were assigned laptop numbers, and we went over the Laptop Computer Policy

-We edited one another’s papers using Microsoft Word’s abilities of adding comments and highlighting


-Must have a conference with Smith regarding your final essay => DUE FRI (before class)

-Final College Essay => DUE FRI

If you missed class, you should:

-Set an appointment up with Smith for sometime next week

-Talk to Smith about editing

-Ask Smith about the Laptop Computer Policy and how to get assigned a laptop


>Make sure your essay has the following:

-It is you (reveals who you are, your word choice, voice, etc.)

-No contractions

-Watch out for overused “like” and “that”

-1/3 Story; 2/3 Explanation/Feelings

-Work on making your essay flow by changing sentence structures

-Take out run-on sentences

-Make your essay simple, yet profound

-Grammar (as always…)


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