Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Scribe 9/27

Today in class we worked in our independent study groups to discuss the first third of our novels. We answered week one questions on the wiki.

The wiki is to help us keep track of discussions and is for our use throughout the independent study project. The address for it is . When you get to the site you have to enter a password. If you were not in class ask Smith what the password is. Use your blogger name and email address in the spaces provided, this way updates that your group makes are emailed to you.

Katie and Ashley also brought donuts. They were delicious by the way.

Homework and stuff to remember:
- Have two thirds of your novel read by next Wednesday
- Make a copy of the Beowulf text if you want to
- Read hero and power of myth packets; we will discuss on Friday
- Read pages 2-19, 47 for quiz on Friday (Beowulf background)
- Conference with Smith over college essay grade if you have not done it
- Work on college scholarship applications
- Go to the bonfire, football game, parade, dance, and any other school events


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