Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Remember ladies and gents that Friday there is no school!
In class we discussed conferences for our college essays.
1) We as students have to decide upon our grade
2) It is difficult to do this so we need to review the essay ahead of time and have reasons to support our grade choice
3) If you cannot access your essay out of the dropbox, see Smith

4) If you have not signed up for a conference, DO!

During class we presented our modernization of our scenes. Two groups did not go. Since we have the test on Wednesday, they will present on Monday.

*The first group was Jeff, Kyle and Zach. The theme for their modernization was based on Burger King. Jeff pushed around a baby stroller. Zach and Kyle did good jobs on being the comic relief. The scene was the part when King Laius and JoJo find out their baby is going to kill him and marry her, and how they get rid of Pus.

*Stephanie, Richard, Emily and Andy were the next group to go. Smith decided after watching their video that in projects to come our parents have to make guest appearances (in their video someone's dad came out of the bathroom unaware of the filming). Their scene was the same as the one before in means of what they portrayed.

*Katie, Ashley, Marina and Amy were next. Their video was a based on high school jocks and included a SWEET dance off by Ashley and Marina. The film also included Amy sitting in a tree and Katie as the lacrosse coach.

*Amy King, Leanne, Sonny, Melissa, and Claire did a Jerry Springer based scene. Claire was super funny with her ghetto lingo, bathrobe, and hair curlers. Their scene was the one where Pus realized that he might be JoJo's son.

*Matt, Mark, Chris, Scott, and Kurt also did a video. Their video included the hanging of JoJo, Pus stabbing out his eyes, and a brief intermission.

As for HomeFUN:
*We all need to bring 3 TYPED questions for the aquarium test on Wednesday.
*Everyone should also be working on their independent study and college scholarships


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