Wednesday, September 06, 2006

August 28th Scribe

August 28,2006
Mrs. Smith collected our papers, and we read through page 27.
We took notes on dramatic irony, the tragic hero, what makes Oedipus a hero, the motifs, and the themes.
We did a popcorn exercise to refresh our brains about what we read last week.
-Tiresias keeps saying personal things about Oedipus to try to get him to realize that he is the murderer, sort of verballyhinting him.
-Tiresias wants Oedipus to find out for himself, he wants him to search for his identity, a sort of self discovery thing.
-Finally after a long verbal fight, Tiresias just tells Oedipus that the murder is his fault, that he is the killer he is looking for.
-Oedipus doesn't believe him, and then brings Creon into the picture to try and blame him.
-sickness doesn't stop, it only permiates -the concept of blindness
-on pg.25, Tiresias is telling Oedipus that even though he does not have eyes,he can still see what is clearly in front of him, and that Oedipus who has eyes to see, is blind, for not realizing what is clearly in front of him.
Anne Smith


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