Monday, April 30, 2007

Scribe Mon 4/30

We have an essay on Wednesday so be ready! We have to bring a pen/pencil and paper and we can bring a thesis statement and outline.
Here is the question:
  • Huxley predicted that in order to achieve a Utopian society that one must sacrifice certain ideals to achieve "happiness." Specifically, what is one area Huxley sacrifices in BNW?
  • Explain 3 clear examples that support that sacrifice in the BNW
  • Explain 3 clear examples of how our society today has also sacrificed the same ideals
  • Use formal essay writing strategies to complete your writing

Today we took the quiz over chapters 9-18 in class

For the remainder of the period we played Jeopardy to review. The six main topics were:

  1. Character identification (know the importance of characters and their relationships)
  2. Multiple choice
  3. Quotation identification (Know who said what and when)
  4. True or False
  5. Slogans (All the stuff we put up on the poster in the back of the room)
  6. Matching


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