Friday, April 20, 2007

Scribe 4/20

Scribe 4/20

We started off today with the class discussion. The questions that were asked during the discussion by both Ms. Smith and the class are:
-What are your impressions so far?
-Why do people still look different even though they are all clones?
-Why is the first line of every chapter italicized?
-How, in the civilized society, can the preach about equality, with thier caste system being so strong?
-Is the savage reservation more of a brainwashing idea or was it just to expensive like the director said?
-What do you think about the paradox of Bernard's opinion of society and his place in it now?
-What are the sacrifices of society to become the utopia tha it is?

Next, Group 6(Amy B, Melissa B, Mark C, and Nathan K) did their presentation over chapters 11 and 12. They first split the class into 6 different groups. Then each group got a sheet of questions that they were supposed to discuss with each other and with the guidance of one of the leaders. The questions were: 1. How has Bernard changed thus far throughout the novel? Give specific examples. 2. How did Dorian change from beginning to end in The Picture of Dorian Gray? Give examples. 3. How does the atmosphere in Hollywood change celebrities? 4. What is the idea that ties all of these questions together? After each group discussed the questions, the whole class discussed the questions.

-read 13-14


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