Tuesday, April 24, 2007

scribe 1/23

  • we played a game of jeopardy to start the day- the game consisted of questions outlining/reviewing chapters 13 & 14 of Brave New World, to answer a question you had to be first with your hand raised and you had to make a weird noise. winners got skittles.
  • for every 3 general questions there was one deep thought question
  • Deep thought question 1: Why does Lenina connect with John (the savage) more than any other character in the book?
  • Deep thought question 2: Why do you think fanny cares so much about what Lenina does in her social life?
  • Other interesting questions: what do the kids at the hospital, in chapter 14, say about Linda? , What is Lenina's purpose/reason for going to see John in chapter 13?

After jeopardy we fishbowled

  • The most interesting topic discussed during the fishbowl was brought up by Levi- Levi asked who is benifiting from this "utopian" society? With all the lengths that have been gone through to reach this society, someone must be benifiting, but who?
  • This brought up an interesting discussion to which no one was really able to come up with an answer.
  • Along with Levi's quesiton, one key idea that was discussed was how this society has been able to subdue feelings and emotions. It was brought up that when John is called to the hospital because his mother is on the verge of dying, that the nurse seems perplexed at John's attitude/reaction to his mother's cituation. The nurse goes as far as to ask John what ever could be the matter? (this being asked right after he learns of her condition). This complete loss of sympathy had the class full of questions and remarks. These were some of the main questions brought up.
  • In general, the class concluded that our society mimics the society of Brave New World, but we still feel compassion and sympathy
  • We also discussed how the government and our parents play a role in "conditioning" our own society. Many believe that our parents conditioning is extremely similar to that of Brave New World. Smith pointed out that almost everyone pics up their faith (religion), parenting methods and means of approaching the world from their parents. It was also commented that the government is worse, or more influential than our parents because it is the government who sets the ultimate limits of our society. It is the government who decides what is criminal and what is ok. Through those laws that our government has laid out, we as a society have become increadibly conditioned.
  • These were the main topics discussed/ reviewed
  • We also wrote down on Smith's grade sheet the grade we recieved for the chapters 1-9 quiz (the 44 question one)

Homework: read chapters 15-16, semester project


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