Friday, September 15, 2006

Scribe 9-15

-We began the class talking about the test over Oedipus next Wednesday. We, as a class decided that it would be a fishbowl, where we sit in a circle and thoroughly discuss the play. Marie dubbed it an "aquarium" because it was one big circle, rather than a small circle in a big circle. We also, as a class, decided that we would each bring 3 well thought out questions to help the discussion along. It is quality people, quality, that counts, not quantity. The questions will be turned in for points.
-After this we worked with our groups to modernize a scene from Oedipus. If you were not there, contact your group and work with them to figure out what to do with your scene.


-Find and apply to 5 college scholarships by October 25, it would be good if at least 3 of them involved writing an essay.
-Read your independent study book over the weekend, remember, the first third needs to be done by September 27.
-Work on your modernized scene with your group.
-Prepare for test on Wednesday, bring 3 deeply thought out questions to class for the test, they will be turned in for points. Also, prepare for thorough discussions, again quality is what counts.


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