Thursday, March 01, 2007

Scribe 2/28

Scribe 2/28

- We got DONUTS!
- Checked our grades online
- We took a quiz over chapters 12-15
- Fishbowl over chapters 15 and 16
o Back in an earlier chapter, Dorian says that if he did something wrong, he would confess it to Lord Henry. Why hasn’t he confessed and do you think he will?
o Why did Dorian not want to be around Basil?
o Basil not the savior figure. He worshiped Dorian’s beauty that is not so much a good thing.
o Do you think Basil or Henry had a more corrupt influence on Henry?
o Some people think Dorian needs to grow up, and some think that since he had a bad childhood he is entitled to act this way.


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