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Scribe 2/23

Scribe 2/23

We took out a sheet of paper and wrote a reflection about what is going on with out life
What is going well in your life?
What are you struggling with?
How can Smith help you?
Our Fishbowl discussion went a little like this….
“For years, Dorian Gray could not free himself from the influence of this book. Or perhaps it would be accurate to say that he never sought to free himself from it. He produced from Paris no less than nine large-paper copies of the first edition, and had them bound in different colours, so that they might suit his various moods and the changing fancies of a nature over which he seemed, at times, to have almost entirely lost control.”……. Is this quote saying the yellow book is like a drug to Dorian? Is it like his Bible?
How some people live life is by the way of the bible
The more he reads it, the more corrupt he becomes.
What mood does yellow represent?
Yellow was compared to the Divine Comedy.
Cowardice shows how Dorian is afraid to show who he really is. Hides behind his own beauty.
Why does he need 9 books?
Keeps wanting more and more, he can never get enough
Related to the blog question posted for the 2/21 fishbowl group. Once you get what you seemingly can’t have you keep wanting more and more you can’t ever get enough. Dorian doesn’t know when to stop.
There is a quote in the 11th Chapter on page 112 in my book that this question is aimed toward… Who is Wilde talking to? What is he saying? Why is he addressing it now?
Wilde is talking to his readers
He addresses it now because it is seen as the turning point of the book.
He is using imagry to express his views
He is showing his dark side/ he’s coming clean/ and is showing his true self
“We” refers to people like him.
He chooses now to address this so that people can read his book and get interested. He is hoping to pull out the readers that are just like him
Wilde is concealing his “art”
What mystery do the senses reveal? What senses does Wilde use the most?
Using more emotion rather than senses
His change in sense seems to change the emotion of the book
Uses – sight, smell and hearing
Senses can be deceiving
Dorian is beautiful but does he really have a beautiful heart?
Wilde is using this as a defense so he can get the message out to not judge him.
Dorian doesn’t care about what other people think after sibyl, there is nothing sustaining in his life, he is only looking for the pursuit of pleasure
You can see bad people and how they’re bad as Basil looks at Dorian.
Basil sees only good and innocence in people
Henry sees flaws and tries to bring out their flaws
Basil is fooled by Dorian’s beauty
If Basil were to just look at Dorian everything would seem fine but once he talked to him you could tell something has changed.
It is hard for Basil to accept that Dorian is not as pure and innocent as he wants him to be and as he hopes he is.
Basil is finding out that Dorian is not the beauty he thought he was. Hard for Basil to handle
Is Basil going to be able to see the changes in the painting if he is only able to see innocence.
The point came up that Dorian will kill Basil because he is so obsessed with the painting and he’s getting sick of it so killing Basil will be the only way to get rid of it.
If Basil notices the changes Dorian can’t trust Basil will keep it to him self, so that is why Dorian will kill him.
Basil will “save” Dorian and bring him back from being corrupt. Basil remembers Dorian’s innocence and will bring him back to that. Basil had the patients to do so. He recognizes the evil but tries to bring out the good.
Basil = savior
Dorian = “Lucifer” more so now that Lord Henry.


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