Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Scribe 2/21

We started out today with a quiz that we got to do with partners. We also had the usual Wednesday donuts provided by Kurt and myself.

We then moved into the Fishbowl for Chapters 9 & 10

Some of the questions that we pondered and discussed were:

Did Dorian “sell” his soul to the devil in favor of pleasure?
Is it too late for him to turn the deal around?
Is Dorian blind to the fact that Lord Henry dominates his thinking?
If Dorian did not have the portrait would he behave the same way that he is? (Living only for pleasure and not caring about the consequences)
Is the picture that Basil painted Dorian’s soul or his conscience?
Is Dorian’s paranoia about someone discovering the picture reasonable or is he just obsessed with the picture and overtaken by it?
What is the significance of the upper room that Dorian puts the picture in? Why that room out of all the others in the house?
Does Dorian “bury” the picture by putting it under a blanket used to cover caskets and by locking it away in a dark room so no one can ever see it?
Is Dorian’s putting the picture in the room (closet) symbolizing that he is “in the closet” and is homosexual?

Hopefully that helps anyone that was gone for the fishbowl.

Homework for Friday: Read Ch11-12, Blog question on 9-10, and Semester Project


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