Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Scribe 2/26

Scribe 2/26

We started class using the laptops. Everyone looked up their grades for the class on line, and then on a word document answered the questions:
What is your goal grade for this class this semester?
How do you plan on achieving that grade?

We then viewed an email from Dan Mass. In his email, he talked about how he is proud of us and that we are a mature class.

Next was the fishbowl, discussing chapters 13-14
Some questions asked were:
Is The Picture of Dorian Gray an immoral book? Why?
What are the connections between the quote in chapter 13 (Basil to Dorian), and the quote in the preface? Is Wilde trying to connect the two?
Dorian wishes to switch souls with the painting of him. Did he sell his soul to the devil? Is he regretting doing this later?
Does Wilde intend to represent the locking up and hiding of Dorian's sins, like Dorian hid and locked Basil's body in the schoolroom?
Why did Alan stop seeing Dorian so many years ago?
What is Alan blackmailing Dorian with?
What happened between Dorian and Alan?

Hopefully that helps anyone absent.

Homework for Wednesday: Read chapters 15-16, blog question over 13-14, quiz over 12-15

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