Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scribe 12/16

Scribe 2/16
-hand 3-5 quizes back
-Fishbowl 7-8
-Hw: read 9-10, blog, semester project
Next week
-Monday: no school
-Wednesday: 9-10 fishbowl, quiz on ch. 6-10, hw: read 11-12 (smith says this is tedious- allow extra time)
-Friday: Fishbowl 11-12, worksheet 9-11, Hw: read 13-14
Some of the topics we covered in the fishbowl:
-There are three main relationships
-Art and Life
-Contemplation and Action
-Beauty and Ethics
-Basil is more ethical.
-Dorian uses beauty to explain ethics.
-Lord Henry is all action and no contemplation.
-Are people always contemplating?
-For Sybil, does Life=art?
-Dorian falls in love with Sybil's acting, he falls in love with her "picture", not who she truely is
-For Lord Henry, art is more important than life- he is more concerned with the pursuit of aestheticism.
-Lord Henry's control over Dorian is even larger than Dorian's love for Sybil.
-People pursue different types of beauty to varying degrees.
-When people want something, the pursuit of that thing is more enjoyable than actually having it.
-Sybil is "caged"- Dorian releases her but her family wants to protect her.
-When Sybil is free, she can't handle it
-How will James (her brother) react to the situation?
-Connection between James and Laertes?
-Comparing Sybil to Basil
-Basil can put himself into his artwork.
-Sybil can not- she is only acting -Is Sybil too melodramatic?
-Is Sybil the only real person?
-Dorian is in love with Sybil's acting
-Dorian values art over love.
-Sybil values love over art.
-Dorian needs the painting to realize he's wrong. It's like his conscience.
-Dorian is the number one person in his own life.
-Does the painting actually change?
-Can only Dorian see the changes?
-Dorian wants to see what happens to the painting- he is experimenting.
-Society can "paint" a bad picture of you if you are a bad person- reputations
-Society can find things that are corrupt in Wilde's art (his book) -In this way, Wilde is Dorian.
-The picture is like mankind- It was perfect (like eden/ adam and eve) but now it has imperfections, marks.
-Dorian doesn't care/ mankind doesn't care- they just want to see what will happen, don't care about the consequenses.
-Hw: read 9-10, blog, semester project for wednesday.


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