Monday, February 12, 2007

Scribe 2/12

Today in class we started out with the usual talk of homework and the rest of this week, then we got started pretty quick with the fishbowl on chapters 3-4. We didn't have laptops, so Smith gave those of us in the outer circle the choice of doing either a journal - where we respond to people's comments in writing - or a "T-note" format - where we write a question that was asked within the fishbowl in one column, then respond to that question in writing in another column. I assume that this is how we will participate in the outer circle during fishbowls if the laptops aren't available. Some of the questions and ideas we discussed in the fishbowl were:

- Why does Wilde view the Hellenic period of history as embodying true freedom?
* Very individualistic society, where people could pursue their own pleasures.
- Why does Lord Henry talk to his uncle about Dorian?
* Obsession over Dorian.
* Henry is "studying" Dorian, almost like an experiment; wants to know everything about him.
- Why does Lord Henry continue to influence Dorian even though in chapter 2 he basically says that influencing someone is immoral?
* He might not realize his influence; he might just think his ideas are simply the truth.
* He might not believe his own talk about morallity, and enjoys seeing his own effects on Dorian
- Why does Lord Henry talk so much of Hedonism?
* Wilde is possibly using Lord Henry to defend his own views.
* Wilde may have put different parts of himself into his different characters.
- What benefit does Lord Henry seek with his pursuit of Dorian?
* Again, he sees Dorian as a subject for study; Dorian represents something Lord Henry has yet to study, and he wants to know everything about him.
* Lord Henry wants to "dominate" Dorian's world; he is excited about having such a profound impact on someone so beautiful, especially since he so admires beauty.

There will be a quiz on Wednesday on chapters 3-5 (Smith might have meant 3-6..?)

Homework: Read 5-6, Blog on 3-4 question, semester project, Blog for Mr. Maas at:


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