Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Scribe 2/5


-Today in class we turned in our typed one-page response on The Picture of Dorian Gray.
-We circled up and discussed the meaning of the preface and what struck us personally about what Oscar Wilde wrote. We discussed what he said about art and its meaning, that he seemed to contradict himself in his writing, and that he could have written the preface to justify the immorality he writes about in the novel. Point=Who is Oscar Wilde and what is he all about?
-We also signed up for fishbowl discussers and leaders for The Picture of Dorian Gray. We formed groups of three or four and you must discuss once and lead once. You cannot be a discusser and a leader on the same day. Some days we will have the laptops for the outer circle, but some of the days we will either take notes or jump in the inner circle to get points for the day. If you didn’t get to sign up to be a discusser, stop by Smith’s on an off hour to schedule a time that works for you. DO NOT SCHEDULE YOURSELF IF YOU WILL NOT BE AT SCHOOL THAT DAY!

-finish reading chapters 1 and 2 in The Picture of Dorian Gray
-quiz over chapters 1 and 2 on Wednesday
-Self-portrait project= 2 parts (1. Somehow show how society views you. 2. Somehow show how you perceive yourself) This project needs to be put on the same side so you can visually see the contrast between both perceptions. It can be drawn, magazine clippings, collage, etc. This is due on Friday.

Psted by Amy King


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