Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Scribe 5/7

Scribe 5/7/07
- Presentations start on Friday, we will present Friday and Monday
- We got our scantrons and our graded essays back from the Brave New World test
- Also, we decided on what groups are going what days:
Nick,Taylor, Stacey, Alex Mu
Sonny, Marie, Andy, Alex Ma
Nathan, Mark, Scott, Kurt, Matt
Zach M, Dave, Dave, Levi

Jeff, Chris
Kyle, Zach
Melissa, Amy K
Caitlin, Haley, Ashley M
Ashley G, Katie, Amy B
- We worked on our semester project for the rest of the class period
Stacey Ks

Friday, May 04, 2007

Scribe 5/4

Today in class we had a 100 question scantron test over Brave New World.

We also went over the rubric for the semester project. Smith will post the link so you can see it if needed.

Smith told the class to be safe over the Prom weekend and to make good decisions. There was a student teacher observing our class and Marie brought cookies as well.

Homework: Semester Project!