Friday, February 02, 2007

Scribe 2/2

First off we turned in the "Fall of Satan" packet we were working on during Wednesday's class.

After reading through the blogs we discussed the question from Wednesday that asked for us to "Apply Milton's philosophy (p. 435) "human beings have been given the freedom; ability to choose" to Paradise Lost, and to your own lives." A few points and new questions that came up were:

  • Does God know what you will choose before the time you do it?
  • If God does know ahead of time why did he question Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Were the questions just to make them confess or was he surprised by their actions?
  • If God set out a plan for us, do we have a choice in following that plan?

The sub then gave us a question to think about while reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, which we were supposed to bring to class today. If you could do something and not get caught for it, would you do it? There are two parts to this:

  • Legally: Would you break traffic laws, steal something, etc.

Here the answer was a general yes.

  • Morally: Would you cheat on your girl/boyfriend?

Here the answer was a resounding No.

For the remainder of class we read and highlighted in small groups either a handout, detailing the background of Oscar Wilde, or the preface of The Picture of Dorian Gray, which is the beginning of our homework.


  • Type a one page response about what intrigues you from the preface. Why does it strike your fancy?
  • Blog (This may not be true, no one had heard of a topic so check and make sure)
  • Scribe
  • Work on Semester Project


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