Friday, January 26, 2007

Scribe 1/26

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Got quizes back- Check Grades
Hell Presentations
Jeff/Goerke- Good Presentation
-5 Layers of Hell = Cowards, Selfish, Traitors/Betrayers, Fraudulent, Violent
- Well presented through powerpoint
- Surprised by the punishments which seemed harsh and morbid- wasn’t what had been expected from this particular group
Levi’s Group- B-ball Boys
-All souls drown in fiery water
-Devil sits on top of water and pushes all those who try to escape back into the water (like bopper games at arcades)
-No levels
- Interesting concept, Unique to project. Could have had a little more detail.
Melissa, LeAnne, Jess, Amy
-Cubby system of hell- each sinner has specialized compartment in hell which is specific to the sinner
-Devil= Giant who places each sinner into their cubby
- Could have been presented better- good concept but lacked organization in the presentation
Nathan, Matt, Mark, Scott, Kurt
- Hell is viewed as being an up-side-down cone in which the worst sinners are found at the point of the cone
-Basically 3 layers
- Well presented! The levels were very well explained and the punishments were very well thought out.
Kyle and Adam
- 5 Catagories of sin = No Mans Land, Sins of the Flesh, Cruelty, Antenora, Trechery
-Sins organized as a ring of islands
- Well presented- very historical “famous” people mentioned as those to be added to each island. Good idea, good concept, well presented.
Ashley G’s Group
-3 general layers of hell
- Opposed Dante by making every layer full of pain and suffering- no eye for eye concept
- Very morbid in punishments!
- Good presentation- kept peoples attention
- Hell found under suburbia
- Theft encompases all of hell
- Sub-Catagories of hell: Betrayal, Murder, Rape
- Idea of hell being located directly under “every day” life is kind of unnerving
- Presented in precise fashion. Could have been more detailed in description of punishments as well as people being placed there. They had possibly one of the most unique thoughts however with their willingness to punish a sinner once, then “try” them to see if they had learned from their punishment. If they had learned, then they would be able to go to heaven. If not, they would continue the punishment-trial process for as long as it takes- very good, creative idea!
Andy, Sunny, Alex, Marie
- 6 layers of hell
- Must climb a volcano and jump into it to enter hell- you sink more/less depending on you sins. The more you sink, the lower the layer of hell you end up in.
- Very creative and well presented! I enjoyed Sunny’s explanation as he took off his glasses to get the point across! Good job!
One last note- Paris Hilton is NOT liked in this class- according to us, she would be swooning in hell!


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