Monday, January 29, 2007

Scribe 1/29

We started today by seeing the last Hell presentation, that we were unable to see on Friday.

Then we all got out of our desks and sat in front of the projector while Smith scrolled through the comments on the blog from the weekend before. That way we could see what other people said about why God allows evil to exist, and come up with our own ideas and theories on the question. Here is some of the stuff that we discussed:
- Adam and Eve allowed sin to enter the world
- Hamlet: perceives people as evil, wonders if they are truly evil or just his perception
- What is evil? Are there different degrees?
- Evil depends on peoples' perception; everyone's evil is different
- Murder is evil, but killing for country is justifiable?
- Why do People allow evil to exist if they are the ones responsible for evil
- We learn from evil; If there was no evil people would not know the difference between good and evil, they need it to truly understand what good is

After this discussion we got our purple books and turned to page 416, an excerpt from the book of Genesis from the Bible (Genesis 1-3 to be exact).
This involved God's creation of Earth and Man, and the resulting fall of humanity into sin through Adam and Eve's action of eating an apple from the Tree of Knowledge. It also told of God's resulting punishment of such action.
- seems to say "don't question; just accept"
- We don't know God exists, we believe he does
- Snakes punishment: slither on belly for eternity
- Woman's punishment: painful childbirth

We then read pages 435-437 in the same book, which was some background information on John Milton, the author of Paradise Lost. We were unable to finish this so we will finish on Wednesday at the beginning of class.

I feel I should mention that we will have a substitute on Wednesday, and Smith expects us to be at our absolute best behavior.

HW: Have the Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde, by Friday
work on the semester project


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