Saturday, January 20, 2007

Scribe 1/19


  • Dantes Layers of Hell Notes (7-9)
  • Rubric finalized, group thesis decided & beginnings of outline(We didn't get to this)
  • Check out the big purple books-Read Canto 34
  • Review Notes


  • Buy picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
  • Quiz/Test Monday

In class:

  • We recieved the big purple books and began reading Cantos 34 on page 394, a few notes:

We learn that this is the 9th layer of hell and the people who reside here are the betrayers of relatives, country, guests, and the emperor

Dante also sees Satan and he's larger than life and we also learn that he has 3 different names including: Lucifer, Beezlebub, and Dis (Does this have anything to do with Christian Trinity?)

There is ice everywhere and people are frozen and covered with ice in all different positions and with different body parts sticking out from the ice. (Why does Danted use coldness? Maybe it is so cold that it burns?)

Satan has 3 heads and each one contains the worst betrayers in his mouth including Judas, Brutus, and Cassius. Each head also contains its own color and description: Judas (who suffers the most) is red, Brutus is black and represents the betrayer of friends, and Cassius is yellow and is described as sinewy and the betrayer of a leader.

In order to escape hell, Dante and Virgil climb up Satan's legs.

The must climb up his legs because he is upside down with his arms extended, much like an upside down cross, which is a symbol usually used to describe Satan worshiping. He came in this position as he fell from heaven. On his fall from heaven he creates a mountain, a hill, and the cruxification of Christ.

Satan resides in the Center of earth, and was used by Dante to explain the term "Hell on earth."

When Dante comes up from hell he sees the stars, which offer him hope and remind him of Heaven.

Now is the part you are all waiting for... The long list of notes!!

I think that we left of after the Wrathful and Sullen which was layer 5




  • 3 Furies ath the Gate
  • Gates open because of Heaven's decree
  • City of Tombs-Flames in open graves
  • Arch-Heretrics believe in temporal happiness


7.The Violent-Agaisnt neighbor (Plegethon) (Legend says this is where Christ descended into hell)

  • River of Blood
  • Minotaur- guard of this circle
  • Centaurs-shoot arrows at shades who try to come to the surface
  • both of these were half man/beast

Against themselves- Suicides and people who were agaisnt their bodies

  • Wood of Suicide
  • Harpies (fairies) tear at trees, that is part of their punishment
  • exist as trees

Against God, nature, or art

  • Blasphemers

spoke against something sacred

  • Sodomites
  • anal copulation with another/copulation with an animal

  • Usurers
  • lending money at excessive interest rates
  • area of burning sand
  • rains flames
  • stream of flowing blood

Dante recieves a warning of his future


  • Abyss here
  • Geryon visits waterfall
  • face of an honest man, body of a serpent

10 Groups called Bolgia

1.Pimps & Seducers

  • Ex. Jason
  • Lashed at with large whips


  • Wallow in excrement


  • tried to buy holy spirit
  • upside down hole where their feet stick out and are engulfed in flames
  • perverted baptism

4.Soothsayers (Diviners, Astrologers, Magicians)

  • distorted bodies
  • Ex. Tiresias

5.Grafters (someone who acquires money or gain in an unfair way)

  • lake of boiling tar


  • wear cloaks lined with lead, must walk at a steady pace


  • serpents chase after the naked people

8.Decievers(Fraudulent Counselors)

  • flames burn all around, within each flame are souls

9.Sowers of Scandal & Schism

  • Shades are torn apart, healed, and ripped apart over and over

10.Forgers-falsifiers of metals(alchemists), persons (counterfeiters), words (falsifiers)

  • sinners are plagued with different types of illnesses
  • Ex. leprosy, thirst

9.Treachery- looks like a sheet of ice

  • Dante encounters 2 souls squeezed in a hole, and one is chewing on the head of the other


  • traitors to kin
  • named after Cain for killing his brother-punished by being in ice, with only face above to show the pain


  • traitors to country, city, or political party


  • traitors to associates
  • hospitality
  • sinners who are frozen with head above ice with frozen tears


  • Traitors to masters/lords
  • bodies are still alive on earth but possessed by demons
  • Ex. Judas



  • body half frozen
  • Wings like a bat
  • 3 faces: each stuffed with the worse traitors

RED: mocks primal love with hatred(Judas)-worst punishment

YELLOW:Parodies divine omnipotence with impotence (Caius Cassius Longinus-betrayed Caesar)

BLACK: Perverting highest wisdom with ignorance (Marcus Brutus)

To exit hell- they must climb down hairy Lucifer to center of earth at which point you will begin climbing back up.

ENJOY!! That took forever!


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