Monday, January 08, 2007

Scribe 1/8

Katie A.

SCRIBE Jan. 8, 2007

-First we received our seating assignments.
-Then we talked about setting up a blogging account if you don’t already have one. To set one up you go to and on the website there should be three easy steps showing you how to set up an account.
-Things to note while setting up account: Your user ID can be whatever you want, but you display name needs to be your first name and last initial.
-Also new students need to e-mail Smith so that she can give you posting privileges to do the scribe.
- E –mail her at
-Also note that scribes need to be posted by 9PM of the night they were assigned.
-Then in class we assigned days for people to scribe, it is hanging up in the classroom.
-Then we assigned days for people to bring in donuts on donuts Wednesdays. You are with a partner and must bring enough donuts for 34 people.
-Note that you cannot bring in bad donuts. (King Supers)
-Then we went over Smith’s class expectations on her website which you can link through the AHS website.
-Then Smith gave us a list of the book we will be reading this semester. Which she recommends we buy. They are the following.
-The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (we will need this in a couple of weeks)
-Importance of Being Earnest
-Brave New World by Aldous Huxlay
-Then Smith had us answer the following questions on a piece of paper to hand in during class.
-What do you want to do this semester?
-What do you want to accomplish?
-Goals for yourself? For this class? For me as your teacher?
-Then Smith had a discussion with us about how this semester should be more about learning and not all about grades.
-Then the class discussed a semester long project that Smith has assigned that is still open for ideas. She has two questions; what is the meaning of life? And what should you learn in life? Smith wants to know what is a better question to answer? What would be easier to relate to text? Should we work in groups? She wants any feedback we have, because answering the question will be our final.

-Go to after setting up your account and answer the blog question. You answer it by clicking on “comments.”
- Make sure to read over the class expectations.
-Pick question you like for the final and have ideas on how you want to answer it.


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