Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scribe 12/11

Scribe 1/10/07 Melissa BaileyToday:We started with eating donutsTurned in class expectationsDiscussed the following question:I have a question for the people who agree with me that there is a hell. After death, what happens to the people who were never intorduced to the concept of heaven and hell or right or wrong?Why does having to accept Jesus Christ play a role in whether or not your going to hell? It makes no difference. Are you saying that a Jewish person such as myself should be sent to hell automatically just becasue I don't accept jesus as anything?Then we read the first few pages of Dante's background:Notes:What does Dante already want to separate? Separation of the church2 political groups Blacks old aristocracy- tied to church White new money- feudalismKey definitions:Comedy- poetic compostion in a style between the nobility of tragedy and elegy.Visionary writing- guide who accompanies the soul- guide's resposibility for lightening the soul in meaningful places and being the protectorDante's journey is important becasue he is trying to find the balance between reason and faithLayers of Hell- Dante's opinionLight=ReasonNo light= no reasonAnte- HellNeutrals - opportunistsAcheron - Charon- ferryman1. Limbo -shades and virgil reside here -unbaptized or those that came before christ2.The lustful -minos decides what level you will to go - Cleopatra lives here3. The Gluttonous -Dante learns sinners can see past and future but not present -Rains on themHOMEWROK:Read the first 6 pages and back page, Allegory in packet, blog, QUIZ Friday on Dante Background


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