Monday, November 06, 2006

Scribe 11/27

Hey guys, sorry for the tardiness of this post. Here's the rundown of presentations for the 27th:

Haley presented first and she read Anna Karenina. The highlight of her presentation was her representation of the seven deadly sins on her box.

Clarie was up next; she read Les Miserables. Her cross symbol representing Jean Val Jean was great.

Emily read 100 Years of Solitude. She discussed a war in her book called the twenty years war.

Andy presented the Prince; he made a connection to Oedipus the King with a symbolic eye on his box.

Stephanie read the Kiterunner. She presented her book with a corduroy theme.

Marina read Les Miserables and tied all of her items together using a silverware motif.

I read Crime and Punishment and used a root beer bottle in my presentation.

LeAnne read Les Miserables also and she created a homemade Bible case to hold her copy of Les Mis.

Zach read Steppenwolf and covered all of his pieces of paper with fake fur. It was sweet.

David L. read The Trial and he used marriage stickers to represent infidelity.

Hannah read The Misanthrope and gave a unique perspective on the many love triangles in the novel.

Finally, Kyle was supposed to present but had no time. The highlight of his presentation was not having to present.

That's it guys. Awesome job on all the presentations!


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