Friday, October 06, 2006

Scribe 10/6

It was a great Friday in Smith's English lit. class.

Our Homework for the weekend is:
-Read books 12&13
-Do questions 1-9 on pg 38
-Independent Study - projects due 10/25, 10/27, or 11/1
-College Scholarships- due 10/23
-Test next Friday over heroes and how they pertain to Beowulf

Today we had a quiz over books 1-11

After that we discussed our main ideas again, here are some highlights:

  • Grendel's Origin- We talked about how his mother is talked about a little. We learned that she lives in a lake. Grendel went there to die after Beowulf fought him.
  • Good vs. Evil- (Christianity vs. Paganism) (God vs. Satan) We said that we think the monks had to make good triumph over evil to show they were right about God.
  • Epic Hero- We came up with some new ways that Beowulf follows the model of an epic hero
    -He won over evil, defeated Grendel
    -His victory was quick and decisive which showed how easy it was for him to win
    -This also showed that he is no ordinary man he has come to a super hero level
    -We said that because he was a normal person with “gifts” he was able to become heroic
  • Good vs. Evil- Comparison of God and Satan and Beowulf and Grendel
    -God kicked Satan out of Heaven
    -God showed mercy/grace on Satan instead of just killing him
    -Beowulf showed mercy/grace on Grendel like God and Satan by letting him go
  • We also thought of the comparison of Beowulf taking on what seems like Satan’s right- hand man (Grendel) and defeating him.
    -Now he has to take on Satan himself in the form of Grendel’s mom.


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