Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Scribe 10-16

Today in class:

Smith passed out Beowulf quizzes (background and partner) and the questions we answered on page 38 so if you weren't there make sure you get those from her.
She has updated grades online so check them out…if you dare. ;0)
There will be a quiz on pages 75-88, which we read in class, on Wednesday (Oct. 18). Remember that it is a short period so you won't have much time to guess.
Read pages 99-104 on Caucer and more background on “Canterbury Tales.” This information will not be on the quiz.
Independent Study
Modern Pilgrim Project due Nov 3.
In class we read “The Middle Ages” on pages 75-88. Here are things we discussed and that you need to know:
Who was Duke William of Normandy?
Who was William the Conqueror?
What did he bring to this era?
What did the Anglo-Saxons add to Europe?
What did the Normans add to Europe?
What is the Domesday Book?
How did Taxes come about and who initiated them?
How does feudalism work? Why does it work so well? What causes it to cease working?
What role did Chivalry play during these times?
What key facts can you extract from the blue box on page 82?
How was the middle class established?
What four things did it bring about?
Who was Thomas À Becket?
What good did the church do and what bad did the church do?
What did the Yeoman do?
What were the reasons for the end of The Middle Ages?
At the end of class we got into our groups for The Modern Pilgrim Project and picked which place we were getting our Pilgrims ready for. If you missed this see Smith for a group and the packet we got for the project.


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