Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Scribe 10-9

Happy Monday!

• College Scholarships
o Due: 10/23
• Test Friday
• Independent Study
o Last meeting tomorrow
o Presentations: 10/25, 10/27 and 11/1

What We Did in Class:

• Today we reviewed the past 12 books of Beowulf
o What connections can you make between Beowulf’s fight with Brecca and Grendel’s mother?
1. He fought both of them under water. Not only could he hold his breath, he could swim, fight a large beast and fight off other monsters under the sea.
2. In both fights his mail shirt saved in both battles. He was also victorious due to the help of his sword, just like Excaliber, King Arthur’s sword in Le Morte de Artur, helped King Arthur.
o What surprised you in book 13 about his fight with Grendel’s mother?
1. Beowulf took the heat of Grendel’s mother not Grendel.
• A connection was made that taking the head of a kill was like a trophy in which the killer shows his dominance over his victim. It is more significant than taking say an arm. Beowulf took the head of Grendel’s mom not of Grendel himself because she was the bigger prizes, hence the reason why he only took Grendel’s arm.
• We were supposed to answer questions on page 48 for homework tonight but we finished reading with enough time so we just discussed them in class instead. Review them! I’m betting that it is going to help on the test Friday!
• We also turned in the questions on page 38 at the beginning of class.

~~~~~~~~~~~ TEST~~~~~~~~~~~~
There will be one essay question and we will get all period to answer it. So STUDY!!!!

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