Saturday, August 26, 2006

Scribe 8-25

Today in class:
- College Essay and Oedipus quiz handed back
-Turned in College Essay #2
-Read Oedipus through page 15
Use sticky notes
Look for dramatic Irony
Relation to a hero?
What is a hero?
tragic hero?

College Essay # 3
-double spaced
-12 size font
Questions to think about while brainstorming...
-What seperates you from everyone else?
-What makes you, you??
- Are you unique?
Do not start writing Sunday night
Having troubles? Ask friends or family to help brainstorm with you


What is in the middle of the stage?
the Altar

The word Supplication:
Asking the gods
Humble and realize that mistakes are made

What is your first impression of Oedipus?
Words to think about:
The priest is introduced in the first scene, what is his roll?
He talks to Oedipus and tells him he understands why Oedipus is upset.
But the Priest wonders what is going on in Thebes
the answer is people are dying in Thebes
pg 7
city of Thebes
2. " We must not let it grow so far that it is beyond cure" pg 9
cure a disease. The disease is the plague that is growing in Thebes

Dramatic Irony:
-Want to banish the murderer of Laius, We know Oedipus killed Laius
- Oedipus says he has never seen Laius before, pg 10.
- We the readers know he has seen Laius before
Laius is Oedipus's father and Oedipus killed Lauis
What is a hero?
-Is it someone who takes it all on?
EX. Oedipus shows confidence to take on the plague and the city of Thebes. Does that make Oedipus a hero??


On page 11 Creon uses robbers when talking about who killed Laius and Oedipus uses robber. Interesting? I think so! hmmm....

Later on page 12 Oedipus says Creon and Apollo have done well...Oedipus acts like he can deal with everything that happens in Thebes and can take it from there. Creon and Apllo have done enough. Oedipus thinks he is better, therefore can handle everything from now on.

On pg 13-14 the Chorus talks about war. What is war?
Things to consider:
-Spiritual war?
- the people have themselves therefore they put everything into it. 100% effort. Is that good to do?

Last thing to ponder on,
Think about Oedipus without honor.
Does Oedipus even have honor?
Can he not have honor?

If you have questions please see Ms. Smith, me mbailey, or another classmate!!
Have a Great Weekend!


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