Monday, December 04, 2006

Scribe 12/4

Today in class we had a great fishbowl on Act III in Shakespeare's play, Hamlet. I took notes in the class, and I'll just post those, they do tend to jump around, but it is the order that the conversation took, so hopefully the help.

Hamlet Act III Fishbowl
- Lit Crit, "Hamlet most famous play in English language"
Avenge father's death

- Moral integrity? What moral lessons in Act 3?

- P 125 line 159 Since we're married we should be loyal to each other

- Claudius can't pray, he doesn't mean it

- P. 149 line 243-44 own up to actions, clean conscience won't bother you

- "Words without thoughts never to heaven go" No meaning behind words, not actually repenting, not accepting that did something wrong

- Claudius knows its wrong, but isn't sorry

- Hamlet preparing to kill King; is this moral?

- P 162, puts sword away, because it is morally wrong? Not revenge unless it equals sin, if caught in prayer he will go to heaven, wants him to go to Purgatory or Hell?

- Hamlet is working to destroy the respect of Claudius

- Hamlet wants Horatio to watch Claudius, because he knows he bias. Doesn't act immediately against Claudius, to make sure he really did it.

- Hamlet committing sin, no matter what

- Catholics believe that you must repent as you sin, if not repentant before death, get stuck in Purgatory

- Wants to catch Claudius sinning to expose Claudius, and to feel less guilty than if killing him praying

- Hamlet believes that God is allowing him to kill people, particularly Claudius, but says God lets him kill Polonius

- P 179 Hamlet's father is no longer wearing armor What does the ghost want to tell or show Hamlet?

- Hamlet might just be actually crazy at this point, only imagining his father, especially because no one else can see or hear the ghost

- Father no longer is prepared for battle, and trusts that Hamlet will take care of Claudius

- Ghost tells Claudius to be nice to mother

- Seems like ghost would show himself to mother, to reveal that Hamlet is on his side and to get her on Hamlet's side

- P 59 ghost criticizes Gertrude for falling in love over gifts and wit, calls it incest

- Ghost is Hamlets sub-conscience, comes out to call out Hamlet's wrongs, forces him to stick to the task

- Ghost wants Gertrude to come to remorse without him showing himself to her, to know she did something wrong not told she did something wrong

- Ghost wants Hamlet to be on the right path

- Why does ghost want heaven to judge Gertrude but not Claudius, wants him killed

- Ghost wants son to do well on earth

- King Hamlet thinking of Denmark

- Kings put in power by God, GodJrants Hamlet jr. to take the throne, so won't judge him until that time

- King Hamlet notices Fortinbras is just building armies

- Is Claudius sorry for what he did, or sorry because he was caught

- The stabbing of Julius Caesar by Brutus is similar to Hamlet's stabbing of Polonius (Polonius played Caesar in the play and was stabbed by Brutus)

- Polonius was a jerk to Hamledoesn't so Hamlet doesn't really care if he kills him

- Polonius innocent?

- Would Hamlet have same reaction had he killed Rosencrantz or Guildenstern?

- Hamlet so obsessed with his task of killing Claudius, wouldn't mind if he killed anyone

- Compares sin of killing Polonius with Gertrude's sin of marrying her husband's brother

- Embarrassed with the killing, but turns it against mother to say basically say that she cannot change the subject or get away with what she did.

- Hamlet compares Polonius a rat, lowers his level of respect and honor

- Hamlet a Tragic Hero?

- Doesn't do anything to help people, only cares about his task, only with what he is supposed to do

- Hamlet is not driven enough to be a Tragic Hero, he always second guesses what he does

- "Blindly running into the unknown." (Matt Weber).

- Hamlet starts out second guessing, but eventually becomes more bold and driven, taking actions blindly, such as killing Polonius

Also don't forget, those who didn't write the Canterbury Tales paper need to finish the book early and write their thesis. Show Smith your thesis so she can approve it, and the paper is due on Friday, December 15th


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