Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Scribe 03-19

This is what we did in class on Monday the 19th:

- We had a substitute today because Smith was away at some conference.
  • - Mrs. Ritzdorf is still Mrs. Ritzdorf

- We finished watching The Importance of Being Earnest.
  • - Jack's mysterious handbag origin is finally explained: Miss Prism was charged with the task of taking out for a walk the son of Lady Bracknell's Sister. She mistakenly puts the child in the handbag and deposits it in the cloak room of the Victoria train station.
  • - This means that Jack is the brother of Algy by blood, and his true name is John/Ernest Moncrieff.
  • - All three couples (Chasuble/Prism, Algy/Cecily, Ernest/Gwendolen) embrace and are engaged to be married.
  • -Some of the above might be a little off from what is in the movie simply because I referenced the original text in which it declares Jack's Christian name to be Ernest John. And yes, all the names are spelled exactly as Wilde spelled them.

- We discussed what exactly a summary response was for those who didn't know.
  • - See previous scribe post
  • - See Smith for the packet explaining in depth the correct format of a summary response.

- We worked exceedingly hard on developing a solid thesis statement.
  • - Must link a main theme from both TPoDG and TIoBE.
  • - Thematic similarities or Differences, ie; Marriage, Society, etc.
  • - Must have checked thesis with Mrs. Ritzdorf before leaving.


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