Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scribe 3/15 #2

We didn't have class on my scribe day so you get two for the 15th.

-First off, Sonny brought some dnouts in multiple pieces.
-Then Smith handed back Dorian Gray quizzes and only some of our papers.
-We got a handout on the "crucial" components to writing a summary response paper.
-1.5 to 2 pages
-2 paragraphs
-1st pgh = summary paragraph, include title, author, main idea and what not.
-2nd pgh = response, connecting The importance of being Ernest, to The Picture of D. Gray.
-(Monday outline and thesis due)
-Smith also added that it wouldn't be a bad idea to read Brave New World over spring break, because we need our own copy anywho.

Alright, after all that fun, we started watching The Importance of Being Ernest......and took notes, had a grrreat time.
-Basically what i got from the very start of this movie, was just a bunch of English people smoking, shooting arrows and wearing bow ties and top hats....
-Then I realized (actually Smith pointed it out) that many of the lines in the script are written alot like the way Lord Henry talked in TPODG.
-Here is my story line so far,,,
-Ernest/Jackand Gwendolyn are in love, kinda, she loves Ernest his other personality
-Jack/Ernest tries to propose to Gwendolyn, but Gwens's mom busts in and says that's not happening.
-Jack gets a meetiong with "Momma" to see if he is eligible for marriage to Gwendolyn...and he fails miserably because he told her that he was found in a bag as a kid.
-Reese Witherspoon's character, i dont know her name, was constantly living in fairy tales...Smith pointed that out too so i bet it's important

Ok, I think that's it. Dave V.


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