Monday, January 22, 2007

Scribe 1.22

Today we took our Cantos "Quest." It was one page front and back. Smith was very generous and decided to take off the essay question.

By WEDNESDAY: Groups must be formed and have a thesis on their topic for the semester project.

On Wednesday, we will be starting our modernization of Hell projects. These will be due on FRIDAY.
-This is pretty much the rubric"
  • Dante’s Hell in the Modern World
    Answer the following questions in a typed paper along with creating a visual interpretation of your answer and perception of Hell for the modern world.
    Dante carefully classified sin and assigned various levels of Hell to specific sins. The punishments he meted out to the sinners often peculiarly suited their offenses. Suppose Dante asked you to create your own interpretation of Hell based on the sins we now see.
    a. What categories of sins would be the most prevalent?
    b. How would these sins be categorized and arranged? What would be the worst? Why?
    c. What would be the particular punishment for each sin?
    d. What would be the justification for that punishment?
    e. What would Hell look like? Why?
    f. If you had to assign well-known people to the various categories, who would be there? Why would they be there?
    Most importantly, throughout this project, I expect to be dazzled and amazed at the level of thought and consideration you or your group puts into assignment. Blow me away!!!

Have your book "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by NEXT FRIDAY


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