Sunday, November 05, 2006

Scribe 11/3

Today in class we started off by choosing what we wanted to do with the final. Smith gave us 3 options:

1) Have a fish bowl discussion over Hamlet with blogging too and turn in a final paper over Hamlet.

2) Write the formal paper from Canterbury Tales. You can either choose the Prologue, the Pardoner's Tale (p.131), or The Wife of Bath's Tale (p.140)
~ the paper needs to have at least 8 quotes, all cited correctly
~ pre-approved thesis before beginning the paper from Smith
~ paper is due 11/13!

3) McConnell decided to come up with the class being able to decide which of the above options they wanted to do

There will be a fish bowl discussion lead by the class over Hamlet reguardless of which option you choose to do
~ there will be groups of 4-5. Each group will be responsible for covering an act in Hamlet and being prepared to teach the class!

After we finished discussing the final topics we handed in our modern pilgrim presentations. We started reading Canterbury Tales in class and got to p. 111.

HW: continue reading to p. 116. Make sure to take good notes on the characters that you're introduced to and anything else you feel neccessary.

(If you're going to Hawaii make sure you talk to Smith about what you want to do with the final)


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