Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Scribe 10/04

Hey Kiddos!

What we did in class today:

Split up into our small groups and discussed our books. We made changes to our wiki and worked on the 2/3 questions. The Donuts were also delicious today.

Homework: Read 8-11 in Beowulf and take notes. QUIZ about 1-11 friday so be well prepared. Continue working on college scholarships and independent study. Our independent study books have to been complete done by next Wednesday so start thinking about what you want your container and other elements of your project to be like.

Other stuff to remember...

Be sure to update your wiki outside of class. It's a good way to communicate without having to get together in a group. Also, the other day Smith suggested that we try and figure out a way to raise some money (approx. $1500) for a elementary school. If someone has any great ideas on how to do this please share with the class and Jeff in paticular. El presidente' is the go to guy. Smith also has a broken Ipod, but the elementary kids are more needy folks.


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