Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Scribe 10-11

Today in class we got into our independent study groups and discussed our books.
We will no longer be using the wiki because no enough people were using them. Instead Ms. Smith put up the week three questions on the board.

Independent Study Questions- Week Three

Use the following questions to guide your discussion today.

What is the most surprising thing you’ve read? Why?
What’s the most boring part of your book? Why?
What are three themes prevalent in your novel? What examples do you have to prove these themes? Do all group members agree on these themes? Brainstorm container ideas that you can use to present your independent reading project materials. Remember, each member’s presentation must be unique.
Select one new passage that really speaks to you. What connections can you make to this passage? Why is this passage important to the book? Why is this passage important to you?
Symbols- are there any new symbols since your last conversation. What symbols are reoccurring? What objects could represent these symbols. Remember group members need to have different objects and different examples.
Have any new questions arisen regarding your book? Are you surprised by the turn of events? Do you think the novel is predictable?
What message is the author trying to deliver to the reader through this extraordinary piece of literature? Is the author trying to comment on societal values, historical events, etc….
Presentations begin October 15th. If you have signed up for a particular day and miss your presentation, you will receive a zero. Be there or be square! Also, we will continue our presentations on the 18th and the 20th. We will need to get through 10 presentations a day. Time will be limited to four minutes. You will be cut off at four minutes! Sign-up today.
Fun question: If you had to select people from school to play the parts of your main characters, who would you select? Why?

HW: -Finish applying for 5 scholarships by the 23rd.
-Independent Study project is due the 25th. We signed up for the day we wanted to present (10-25, 10-27, or 11-1) in class so if you're not signed up see Ms. Smith.
-GET READY for the Beowulf essay test. You need to come ready with a thesis and a brief outline of an essay you can write persuading the reader or arguing a point know well. If you use quotes from Beowulf or another source (such as Oedipus) make sure you have it ready to go and are able to cite it.
Ms. Smith suggested keeping it in 5 paragraph essay format. We will be hand writing it but there is a slight chance we can use the lap tops. We will have all hour to write so be prepared!


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