Monday, September 11, 2006

Scribe 9-11

Today in Class:
-Smith checked our independent study books.
-We got a review sheet for Oedipus, and we got our modernization of Oedipus
group projects.
-We talked about college scholarship day (WED).
-Finished Oedipus.
-When Smith is finished reading your final edit of your college essay, set up a conference with her to discuss it and help set a grade for it.

Important Dates:
-September 18th, our Modernization of Oedipus is due.
-September 20th, Oedipus Test.
-September 27th, first part of independent study done.
-October 4th, second third of independent study done.
-October 11th, last third of independent study done.
-October 23rd, actual project done.

Oedipus Notes:
-Oedipus keeps asking questions because he is trying to find an explanation about everything.
-Oedipus first thinks Jocasta is upset because she married someone that was not of noble status.
-Oedipus started putting everything together, and started realizing that he is the one that killed Lauis.
-Jocasta didn't say anything because she is realizing that Oedipus is her son, the killer of her husband, her new husband, and the father of her children.
-Oedipus blinded himself for all the wrongs she had done.
-Jocasta killed herself.
-Creon showed much mercy toward Oedipus.
-Before his girls come in Oedipus wants to be banished as soon as he can. But as soon as his daughters come in he doesn't want to leave them.
-He told both his daughters that they would have horrible lives.

A couple questions to think about:
Is there times in your life that when something happens you can't see it happening right in front of you?
What is a Hero? Why is Oedipus considered a tragic hero?


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